Reverand Hope Atherton1,2

M, b. 30 August 1646, d. 8 June 1677
FatherMajor General Humphrey Atherton b. 4 Sep 1608, d. 17 Sep 1661
MotherMary Wales b. 30 Apr 1613, d. 17 Aug 1672
     Hope was born before the 30th day of the 6th month of 1646 in Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. The 30th day of the 6th month of 1646, Hope was christened in Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Hope married Sarah Hollister in 1674. He was the first minister at Hatfield. Hope departed this life on Tuesday, 8 June 1677 in Hatfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.


Sarah Hollister b. c 1656, d. 8 Dec 1691


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    , page 106 - SARAH HOLLISTER was twice married. 1. To Rev. Hope
    Atherton, first minister of Hatfield, Mass., son of Major General
    Humphrey Atherton, of Dorchester, Mass., 1674. He was born
    in 1646, and died June 8, 1677, aged about 31. 2. To Lieut.
    Timothy Baker, of Northampton, Mass., about 1679. She was his
    second wife. His first wife, to whom he was married January 26,
    1673, was Ruth Marsh. She died in 1676.
    Mrs. Sarah Baker, alias Atherton, died December 8, 1691.
    Lieut. Timothy Baker died August 30, 1729.
    Children,-by her first husband.

    133 Hope, born January 7, 1675 - Died young.
    134 Joseph, born January 7,1675.
    Settle'd in Deerfield, Mass. Was twice
    married. 1. To Mary Taylor. She
    died in 1709. 2. To Mindwell Brown.
    By his first wife, he had two children,
    and by his last, six. The family
    seem to have lived in that part of
    Deerfield, now called Greenfield,
    where some of the descendants are
    living at the present time. 135 Sarah, born October 26,1676.
    Was married to John Parsons, of
    Northampton. Mass., 1696, by whom
    she had ten children
    135 Sarah, born October 26,1676
    Was married to John Parsons, of Northampton. Had eight
    Children, six sons and two daughters.
    Children,-by her second husband.
    136 John, born February 3,1680.
    Married and settled in Northampton-
    Had eight children, six sons and two
    137 Thomas, born May 14, 1682.
    Was married to Christine Le Beau,
    widow of- Le Beau, of Canada, and
    daughter, by his third wife, of Eichard
    Otis, of Dover, N. H. She was
    born in March, 1689. On the night
    of Thursday, the 27th of June, 1689,
    the dwelling-house of her father was
    attacked by the Indians, and himself
    shot as he was rising up in bed^and
    his son Stephen and daughter Hannah
    were killed, the latter, then two
    years old, by dashing her head
    against the chamber stairs. The
    wife and infant child of three months,
    (Christine Otis) with others, twentynine
    in all, were carried captive to
    Canada, and sold to the French.
    138 Edward, born November 12, 1685.
    Was married, and had several children,
    all daughters.
    139 Prudence, born May 14,1687.
    Was married to John Alvord.
    140 Deliverance, born November 13,1689.
    Died in 1710, at New Haven.