Marten Ryertszen1,2,3

M, b. 23 November 1637, d. circa 1687
FatherReijerse (?) b. c 1604
MotherMarritie Francen van Swindrecht b. c 1601, d. 28 Apr 1643
     Marten was born on Monday, 23 November 1637 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. Marten married Annetje Rapalje, daughter of Joris Jansen de Rapalje and Catalyntie Frisco, on 14 May 1663 in Brooklyn, Jackson County, Michigan. Marten departed this life circa 1687 in Brooklyn, Kings County, Long Island, New York.


Annetje Rapalje b. b 11 Feb 1646


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  3. [S982] Descendants of Reijer Reijerse: 2. Marten3 Ryertszen (Reijer2 Reijerse, Reijer1) (Source: (1) O'Callaghan, Edmund B., "The Register of New Netherland, 1626-1674", Albany, 1865.., (2) Ryerson, Louis Johnes, "The Genealogy of The Ryerson Family in America 1646-1902".., (3) Nelson, William, "History of Passaic County, New Jersey" Volumes 1-2.., (4) Innes, John H., "New Amsterdam and its people" Port Washington, N.Y., 1902.., (5) Holman, A.., (6) Holman, A.Z., "The Ryerson Genealogy"..) was born November 23, 1637 in Amsterdam, Holland, and died Abt. 1687 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York. He married Annetye Joris Rapalje May 14, 1663 in Brooklyn Dutch Reformed Church, daughter of Joris De Rapalje and Catalintye Tricot. She was born February 11, 1645/46 in New York Dutch Reformed Church, and died Aft. 1715 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York.

    In many records, including the NYDRC records his last name appears as Reyertszen. He was witness to a baptism in the NYDRC on 10 July, 1672. He was baptized in the Nieuw Kerk in Amsterdam on 23 Nov., 1637, and witness to his baptism was Trijntje Hendrix. In his baptism record he used the last name of Reigersen. In 1646 a company of ships left Amsterdam, Holland for New Amsterdam. the boat anchored off shore close by Fort Amsterdam in present day Battery Park while its cargo, and supplies, and passengers were unloaded into small boats, and were rowed to the wooden pier. The Reijersz boys, both Marten, and Adriaen ferried were on this boat, and when they landed in New Amsterdam they soon rowed over the East river to Brooklyn. Its few houses stood by the ferry, and along an old Indian trail. By Nov., 1662 while living in Flatbush Marten was traveling the rough trails north to the church in Brooklyn every Tuesday afternoon where he attended confirmation. He attended Christian classes in the church on this day every week, which were taught by Dominie Hendricus. On 25 March, 1663 Marten Reijersen, of Amsterdam, Holland, today, on Easter Sunday, was confirmed and admitted to the Lord's supper. From the marriage book of the Flatbush Dutch Reformed church we find the following: "14 May, 1663, Marten Reijersen of Amsterdam, and Annetie Joris from Nieuw Nederlandt (Rapalje), witness was Catalina Jeronimus, three girls, and the mother". The first church was erected in 1666, so they were married in a barn instead. Marten was very active in the Brooklyn DRC, and later served as its Deacon. His last name was often written as Ryerson, Reyerson, Reyerse, Reijerse, Ryersen, Ryerss, Reyersz, Reyerszen, Reyers, Reiyersen, Reysse, Reyse, Reyersz, Reyerszen, Reyers, Reiyersen, Ryorsson, and Rierson. On 25 March, 1660 he was admitted as a member of the Flatbush DRC. From 1675-1676 he was listed in the assessment rolls in Brooklyn. In Sept., of 1676 he paid taxes in Brooklyn on 4 horses, 8 cows, 4 calves, 2 hogs, and 31, and a half morgens of farm land. Also tax records in Brooklyn for 20 August, 1675 shows him owning 4 horses, 6 cows, 1 hog, and the same land. From 26 Sept., 1677 to 1685 Marten, and his family lived in Wale-Bocht (Wallabout, Brooklyn). He owned a farm in this area, and it was listed in the above tax records. His family was listed as members of the Brooklyn Dutch Reformed church in 1677. In 1679 he was elected as the magistrate for the Wallabout area. In 1682 he was elected as the Constable for this area. On 26 Sept., 1683 he paid taxes in Brooklyn again, this time for 2 horses, 2 calves, 5 cows, and 19 morgens of land. From 1685 up until his death he lived on his farm in Flatbush, and he was listed as one of the early Patentees of this town.

    Annetye Joris Rapalje:
    Witness to her baptism was Sara Planck.

    Children of Marten Ryertszen and Annetye Rapalje are:

    Marritie4 Ryerson, born November 16, 1664 in New York Dutch Reformed church.. She married Paulus Turck April 27, 1688 in Brooklyn, New York.
    Marritie Ryerson:
    Witness to her baptism, where her father was listed under the name of Marten Beyertzen, were Jeremias Janszen, and Catalina Rapalje.

    Joris Martenszen Ryerson, born September 19, 1666 in New York Dutch Reformed church..

    Ryer Ryerson, born Abt. 1669 in New York City. He married Rebecca Van der Scheuren May 22, 1691 in Brooklyn, Dutch Reformed church..

    Ryer Ryerson:
    Ryer was living in the Wallabout, Brooklyn, New York in 1696, and in 1708 he joined the Brooklyn Dutch Reformed church. He purchased on 19 May, 1727 614 acres of land in the Ponds near Pompton Plains, New Jersey. He ran a mill on this property, and was a farmer of great means. On 01 Oct., 1746 he gave 191 and a half acres of farm land to his son Jacobus Ryerson. Ryer was elected as the Justice of the peace for Bergen county, New Jersey on 01 Dec., 1739, and he was a Major in the Bergen militia. Ryer's children married into such families as the Mead, English, Swallow, Cross, Dolbeer, Tibout, Bertholf, Laroe, Van Blarkum, Ryerson, Berry, Schuyler, Dolfort, Van Houten, Berdan, Lewis, Edtsler, Jacobusse, Van Winkle, Demarest, Beam, Spencer, Hennion, and Sigler.

    Catalyntie Martens Ryerson, born January 03, 1670/71 in New York Dutch Reformed church.. She married (1) Samuel Berry February 18, 1693/94 in Brooklyn Dutch Reformed church, New York; born Abt. 1666 in Vlissingen, Holland. She married (2) Paulus Van der Beeck June 12, 1703.
    Catalyntie Martens Ryerson:
    She first lived in Long Island, and then she moved to Pompton Plains, New Jersey. Her children married into such families as Roome, Van Duyne, Suydam, Van Gelder, and Debrow.

    Sara Ryerson, born May 30, 1673 in New York Dutch Reformed church..

    Geertye Ryerson, born Abt. 1675 in New York City. She married Abraham Van Duyne April 03, 1696; born in Swol, Holland.

    Abraham Van Duyne:
    He lived in New Utrecht, Brooklyn, New York, and then they moved to New York city. In 1706 his family moved to Cecil County, Maryland.

    Jakobus Ryerson, born December 27, 1677 in Brooklyn Dutch Reformed church; died Abt. 1749. He married Styntie.

    Helena Ryerson, born Abt. 1679 in New York City. She married Jan Aukes Van Nuys September 11, 1703 in New York.

    Lyntje Ryerson, born April 02, 1682 in Brooklyn Dutch Reformed church.
    Lyntje Ryerson:
    Kathelyntie Joris was witness to the baptism. She also went under the first name of Syntje.

    Cornelius Ryerson, born Abt. 1684 in New York City.

    Frans Martense Ryerson, born August 02, 1685 in New York Dutch Reformed Church; died October 29, 1748 in Wagrow, Hawthorne, New Jersey. -