The links from this site is a compilation of data and information gathered over the years. We began our research in 1980, but the information shown here is and always will be a work in progress. We encourage any viewers who find errors, whether they be typos, grammatical, incorrect spellings, or genealogical, to please let us know. Additional information will be greatly appreciated as well. Our goal is to present information that is as accurate as possible.  We hope that you find information that will aid you in your own research.

When we began in 1980, we did not have a exceptional program like The Master Genealogist (TMG) to help us organize and document our research. Also, in our naivety, we had no idea that we would ever want to, or need to have sources and documentation of our findings. (After all this was just a small family project we were putting together for our immediate family, why would we need to source?) By the time we realized that we really did need and wanted to source, we had already compiled a large body of information. Thus, today, we are still documenting and rediscovering sources found long ago. As time went on and software became available to record and to organize data,  recording sources was still not a feature of most software, and researchers were still unable to document and source as they wished.  Today, we have The Master Genealogist, a state of the art program, making sourcing a primary goal and not an after thought. TMG has been developed by Bob Velke of Whollygenes; we are fortunate to have this wonderful resource and the support of a knowledgeable and caring team to help us in pursuit of our goal.

Publishing our findings and making them available to others interested researchers, and learning of and correcting our mistakes is the ultimate goal for the creation of this site. Here too, we have the good fortune of another state of the art program, Second Site, that has been designed and developed by John Cardinal. A program specifically designed to create a website from data collected and organized in TMG. Here again, support of the program is one of a kind and patiently given to all. John also has developed two other programs that make the use of TMG more efficient and productive. See our “Links” button above to get fuller descriptions of these the programs mentioned here.

We would like to thank both of these developers, their staffs, their Beta Testers, and all that have been involved in giving us the tools to do what we enjoy and to do it efficiently and all the more enjoyable.