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James McCurdy and Elizabeth Taylor Family

James McCurdy and his family moved into Crawford County as one of the first settlers of the county. He bought land and started farming on this land. Four generations of this family has farmed this land and it is still in possession of his descendents (2008). Our research took us to Franklin County from where the family had come. We had seen a published genealogy which had him the son of a David McCurdy in Vermont married in Path Valley, Franklin County to Elizabeth Taylor. This seemed highly unlikely to us. We began searching records at the courthouse of Franklin County. After several days of checking records, we found the proof we needed in the sale of land prior to the family’s move to Ohio. This search led to other checks and more research and finally a decision to create a project of the descendents of this couple, the progenitors of the McCurdy Family of Crawford County, Ohio. Again and again, we welcome any and all additions and corrections as this is a work in progress.