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Augustus Wright and Eliza Seaman Leggett Family

When we made our first trip the State of Michigan Library to see what we could find to start our search for ancestors, Kathy discovered a set of books of Michigan Genealogy. They looked quite interesting and she picked a book at random and began browsing. Almost immediately she came across the Leggett name, her grandmother’s maiden name, the genealogy went well back into early English history and came down to a man by the name of William Haight Leggett, a name not known to Kathy at that time.  When we returned home, Kathy called her mother and asked her if she knew of this William, the response was that William was Kathy’s great grand father. Not a bad start on a genealogical quest. The information that Kathy found was work done by the daughters of Eliza Seaman Leggett (1815-1900), Kathy’s great great grandmother. This work was done in the late 1800’s and was remarkably well done especially considering the time and resources available. This body of work is of course the frame work for this project. We are much indebted to these sisters, not only for the research and the information preserved, but as a huge motivational factor for us to delve into the search for our ancestors. Please notify us of any corrections or additions to this project.